IMAGE-X is, in Africa, the first collaborative Web/Mobile platform dedicated to healthcare professionals...

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MAMMO-X, the first online CAD, with innovative technology focused on the detection and characterization...

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ALZ-X, with innovative computer-assisted detection technology focused on the detection...

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From a simple photo taken by the mobile device of a lesion or mole, NEVU-X determines in a few seconds...

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Law Enforcement Technology

SPIKE-X offers EAGLE ANPR, the first Automatic Number Plate Recognition, ANPR, solution in the Tunisian market...

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Video Analytics

Video analytics and IP camera technology were adopted in the retail industry with an aim to...

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SPIKE-X offers consulting services helping our clients to better fit AI & Machine Learning techniques, Computer Vision, and Data Sciences to their businesses in a variety of fields of application.
From Data collection to Data Mining, we provide a step-by-step guide to the implementation of cutting edge technologies.


We offer paid training sessions to individuals, Educational facilities, and Companies interested in AI & Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Data Sciences. We are preparing outstanding curriculums and courses explaining all known algorithms, accordding to the needs and level.


Capitalizing on our experience, expertise and leading positioning in cutting edge technologies in the fields of AI & Machine Learning, Computer Vision and data Sciences, we provide offshore IT outsourcing services with high added value that are matched with the quality standards and requirements of the international market.

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